W ith the growth of industries the demand for pipes and tubes of specific needs have increased. HMTL caters to the various needs of the market with their high quality products. The products meet the industrial norms and international standards. The plant is staffed with experienced engineers & technocrats who understand the every need of the customers and design the product accordingly. In India, we supply to all the refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizers plants, steel plants, power plants, sugar plants, chemical plants, engineering companies, railways and defense.

We fullfil customer aspiration worldwide with exceptional quality products since 1978

Application Industries

  •   Condensers
  •   Heat Excanger
  •   Boiler & Pressure Vessel
  •   Instrumentation
  •   Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
  •   Ornamental & Hardware Appliances
  •   Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants
  •   Furniture
  •   Dairies
  •   Sugar Industries
  •   Railways
  •   Textile Machinery
  •   Solvent Plant
  •   Defense
  •   Petroleum & Petrochem
  •   Oil & Gas Refineries
  •   Pharmaceutical & Chemical
  •   Fertilizer Industries
  •   Automobile & Locomotive
  •   Chemical Industries
  •   Steel Plants

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