Latest type of "U" bending machine is used for precision cold bending of tubes. Specifically prepared jigs and fixtures are used to ensure three dimensional accuracy for “U” bend tubes. Bending is done for all kind heat exchanges, condenser, economizer , boiler tubes in carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel seamless as well as welded. HT of bent portion is carried out.

AT HMTL tubes can be "U" bent up to R=1 dia. ( Subject to size) :

Subsequent to “U” bending tubes are hydro tested and stress relieved if asked for. Also mock-up pieces are prepared for determining thickness reduction on the bend portion is done to detect cracks, flaws or any type of defects. Special packing is provided to prevent any damage during transit.

Stress Relieving of Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel ”U” tubes

"U" bent portion + 300mm on each leg length are annealed (Stress Relieved) in a batch type furnace in which temperature is closely monitored, controlled and recorded. Rate of Cooling can be controlled as per heat treatment cycle given by customer..

Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel “U” Tubes

“U” bent portion + 300mm on each leg length are heated at 1050 C temperature by transformer. The temperature is measured by an Optical Pyrometer. Cooling is done immediately by blowing cold air to avoid carbide precipitation.

Note: Different types / Shapes of bends also available.

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